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In a time of pandemic upheaval, two mischievous Chow Chows named Bella and Mufassa entered the life of a devoted dog lover. With origins inspired by beloved movies, these fluffy companions brought joy and chaos in equal measure. Despite their owner's best efforts with store-bought dog food, Bella and Mufassa faced frequent health woes, including messy bouts of diarrhea and lackluster energy levels. Determined to turn the tide, Deon (Owner of Real Food 4 Dogs) embarked on a journey of homemade doggy cuisine, founding Real Food 4 Dogs. Through wholesome ingredients and a dash of love, Bella and Mufassa's health flourished, proving that sometimes, the best recipes are born from necessity and nurtured by devotion.

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Why I created this company? 🐾

The truth is I created this dog food because I had to, I started this company because my heart told me to, because I know how much we dog owners love our dogs and with all my heart, I truly believe all dogs deserve amazing quality country meals that lead to better quality poops, longer lasting lives, better quality hair/fur and the energy to match without all the negative side affects.

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